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Director: Virginia Crawford

Producers: Jewel Greenberg & Susan Graham

Executive Producer: Lauren Fash

Genre: Comedy

Suddenly unable to say "I do," Type A wedding planner, Lilly, sets off on an impromptu cross-country adventure with her mismatched group of frends to find out what went wrong, but instead discovers how it's all right.

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*Project currently in post-production


Director: Lauren Fash

Screenwriters: Lauren Fash & Susan Graham

Genre: Drama​


Ali is forced to lie about her relationship to her wife Sam so that the two women can spend Sam's last moments together. Through flashbacks, the audience sees the couple's love story unfold, as well as the hardships Ali faces trying to be with and make medical decisions for Sam in the hospital.

Quiet Website

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Director: Dan Russell

Screenwriter: Dan Russell

Producers: Lauren Fash & Susan Graham

​Genre: Thriller

Having trouble distinguishing nightmare from reality, Des starts to question his own identity.


Director: Boman Modine

Screenwriter: Boman Modine

Producers: Lauren Fash, Susan Graham & Joe Toronto

Genre: Drama

Ren, a young woman with cystic fibrosis, decides to escape the hospital with her boyfriend Carl and best friend Phil to fulfill a life long dream of seeing the majestic Redwood Forest. What ensues is an inspiring, heartfelt and at times, tense, journey about humanity, hope and the importance of choosing one's own path in life.

Hyperion Website

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